I was born way back in 1996, in Hamilton New Zealand. I am the eldest of three boys. I am currently a student at the University of Waikato. I love music, falling down a Youtube hole, reading, being outside and surrounded by people.

I have worked and studies with Youth For Christ Australia. Studying mission and ministry in the Bible and applying that to ministry in High Schools and youth groups. I have studied at Capernwray in New Zealand; a Bible college where you live on campus, in community with people you have never met, and called to love and serve them in VERY close quarters.

I have worked with politicians; I have worked in retail, customer service, hospitality, administration, early childhood education, aged care and everything in between. I have trained in Church planting, youth mental health first aid, teenage cybersafety education and a two year Bethel Bible Series of 56 studies (more recently expanded by Graeme MacRobb, former principal of Sydney’s Church Army College) and Graeme Goldsworthy’s little book “Gospel and Kingdom.[1]

This blog is going to have some reflections I will write together on Scripture, things I am going through or thinking about, and topics I feel I could speak about. As well as having a section on theological topics, and lastly, what I have and continue to learn about Philosophy.

Any comments, thoughts, questions queries, please address to A.K. Burton at akb37@students.waikato.ac.nz

With all blessings, love and prayers,

Adam Burton

[1] Quote from Rev. John West – see his “about” section on his website to see more